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Read the trip descriptions. After registering online, confirmation will be sent stating whether the trip is or is not available. If your trip is available, follow these steps:
1) Determine the date/time/details of proposed trip.
2) Send this information to Cathy Bechen via email for approval.
3) Pick up an EWEB Transportation Form, contact Laidlaw to reserve buses, fax to Laidlaw and follow the remaining steps on the form.

Glenwood Recycling Center

Grade: 2nd
: 746-3023

Time: Approximately 2-21/2 hours

Sarah Grimm from BRING Recycling is the person to contact. She shows the children around and talks about the process. Students visit the area where people dispose of their garbage and see Short Mountain Landfill to discuss the amount of garbage generated in Lane County. Bus transportation will be paid for.

Mt. Pisgah: Wet-n-Wild

Grade: 4th
Time: 4-5 hours if both sessions are attended

Through discussion and hands-on activities along the trails, students explore water as it enters the Arboretum as a raindrop, flows into the pond, the streams, the river and the soil and completes its cyclic journey to the sea and back. This is a 2 hour tour. It can be followed by an activity session that provides hands-on projects and activities that parallel what the students have learned, also two hours. Admission and bus transportation will be paid for.

Leaburg Dam/Water Filtration Plant

Grade: 3rd
Time: Approximately 3-4 hours

This trip will be scheduled with EWEB’s Tours and Presentations line listed above. More information is given when you call and someone will return your call to organize your trip time and date. How Eugene’s water is taken from the McKenzie River, filtered, purified and delivered to the consumers is covered. You will also be able to view a fish counting station.

Lookout Point or Nearby Nature

Time: To be determined

Nearby Nature is willing to meet with any interested 5th grade teachers to design a wetlands walk, geared toward this age. The admission charge and bus transportation would be paid for. Email Cathy Bechen (cbechen) if interested in this option and she will set up a meeting with the Nearby Nature contact.

Fern Ridge or Kirk Park

Grade: K or 1
Phone: Phil Janz, 343-1059
Time: up to individual teachers

Fern Ridge Educational Site will be ready September 24, 2001. Phil Janz will take any interested teacher on a "walk through" prior to taking your students out. Susan Wilson, a wildlife biologist, is willing to talk about the Western Pond Turtle, Wetlands or Bird life. (688-8147)

Diane Livermore and Lori Redding will conduct an inservice in October concerning Kirk Park for anyone interested in taking students there.

Lookout Point

Grade: 5th
Phone: 937-2131 x142---Jim Eagen
Time: 1.5 hours

This trip covers hydroelectricity, flood control, recreation and land management.

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