Professional Development Guidelines

PDC Guidelines Valid for 2018-2019

The Professional Development Committee is a bargained committee administered by 14 members. Contractual guidelines are set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement on pages 16-18. This committee consists of 11 teachers representing each school and four administrators. The teacher representatives are appointed by EEA. The superintendent appoints the administrators.

Teachers, counselors, etc. requesting funds must be members of the bargaining unit.

PDC has the right to appoint subcommittees as needed.

PDC reimburses costs that employees incur for approved professional development relating to current assignments after the activity is completed. Reimbursement costs do not include substitute pay.

Courses taken for personal development are not covered.

Courses taken for administrator licensure are not covered.

Courses must keep teachers within the EEA licensed bargaining unit.


PDC was relaunched December 1, 2014 after being on hiatus for five years. Given that reality, PDC is being brought back in stages. For the school year 2018-2019 PDC will pay for appropriate course work or conference fees, and substitute costs only. (Administrative approval is required for professional development activities taking place during school hours.) PDC will NOT pay for meals, books, travel expenses, mileage, parking fees, or housing/hotel costs.

Application Guidelines (prior to activity):

The application must be submitted on-line before the applicant attends the activity. Applications not approved by PDC before attending the activity are in jeopardy of not being funded. This applies to professional development undertaken in the summer, as well. Applicants will receive email notification when their application is approved.

Reimbursement Guidelines (after completion of activity):

1. Print out a copy of the voucher, sign and date (last link on DataPort PDC page).

2. Attach a copy of receipt showing proof of payment from the sponsoring institution/organization. Copies of checks are NOT acceptable as receipts.

3. Attach certificate of attendance, or grade card if taken for credit (need not be an official transcript) from the sponsoring institution/organization.

4. Please use paper clips, and label if needed for clarity.

5. Submit to your PDC building rep, who will forward it to the chair for processing.

6. Reimbursement requests should be submitted in a timely manner, preferably as soon as you receive the required documentation. Plan ahead for grade requests, etc. (see #1 below)


Funding Guidelines:

1. The fiscal year for PDC funds runs from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. Coursework/conferences/workshops completed on or before June 30 must be reimbursed from that fiscal year's funds.

2. Coursework/conferences/workshops completed July 1 or later will be reimbursed from the following year's funds.

3. The maximum reimbursement to any one person for the 2018-19 school year is $1000.

4. Although it is best to submit reimbursement materials right after a class finishes, applicants have until November 1 following the year they finished their class to submit for reimbursement.


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