AFTER you complete the activity:

1. Print PDC voucher, sign, and date.

2. Provide proof of payment. This requires an official receipt from the sponsoring institution/organization, showing that you paid money to another party and what you paid it for.

**Note: A copy of your cancelled check is not an acceptable receipt.

3. Provide proof of attendance from the sponsoring organization.


4. If you took a course for credit, provide a grade card (need not be an official transcript) from the sponsoring institution.

5. Label receipts for clarity, attach receipts with paper clip, and submit to your PDC building representative, who will forward to the PDC chairperson.

6. All requests for reimbursement must be submitted before the last check cut-off date to be paid from the current year's funds. Please be mindful of cut-off dates, especially near the end of the fiscal year (June 30th).

Funding Guidelines:

1. The fiscal year for PDC funds runs from July 1through June 30. Coursework/conferences/workshops completed on or before June 30 must be reimbursed from that fiscal year's funds.

2. Coursework/conferences/workshops completed July 1 or later will be reimbursed from the following year's funds.

3. The maximum reimbursement to any one person for the 2017-18 school year is $1000 including sub costs.